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    Image Processing


    I am writing some software to perform real-time image analysis on the video captured by a USB webcam. I don't know much about webcams though. How do they store their captured files? Is it as an image file (.bmp?) or as a video file?

    I need to be able to load the webcam's current frame into my program, to perform the analysis, so it is a great help if it is stored temporarily as a .bmp file somewhere, until the next frame is captured.

    Also, would there be any way of sending out commands to the webcam to "ask" for the next frame, rather than using the frame rate of the webcam to churn out images. I say this because I only want to perform one analysis on each image, and letting my software just repeat an analysis loop has no way of knowing whether the current frame is a "new" (not yet been alaysed) or "old" (already been analysed) frame.

    Alternatively, is there a way to cause the updating of each frame capture, to call the analysis function in my program?


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    Re: Image Processing

    Ramkrishna Pawar

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    Re: Image Processing

    This site carries all the answers for your issues.

    Try once.


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