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    Does anyone have any idea which of these is more efficient?

    List<Rectangle> rectangles;
    //some code to build the list (up to 56 rectangles)
    // (1) is this the quickest?
    foreach (Rectangle rect in rectangles)
    // (2) or is this?
    Region region = new Region();
    foreach (Rectangle rect in rectangles)
    OR... is it dependent on too many other factors to make a judgement?

    Incidentally, in my scenario, if I use the region (2) option, then I don't need to build the list of rectangles beforehand, I can just add them to the region as they are created. This is because either the List<Rectangle> or the Region is returned from another function and not actually created in the same routine as in my example above.
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    Re: Form.Invalidate(...)

    Test test test, that is the best way to determine these things. however, If I had to guess, I would assume that option A would be quickest due to the simplicity of handling rectangles as opposed to amorphous regions. Maintaining a collection of rectangles is trivial.

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