Hey everyone,

I hope someone can help me figure this one out!

I'm trying to take the live feed I have from our ip camera (a .av file, whatever format that is) and buffer it onto a server to be streamed. So far ive written a c# app that downloads the stream from the ipcamera and stores it in a folder. The video viewer then accesses that file on the server to view the feed.

The problem is, I can't seem to get my head around this stream. The ip camera feed is like an endless file thats constantly being written. When I access it via a browser it comes up as a download with an unknown filesize and just keeps downloading forever. This works well because if I setup the viewer to view the endless feed it streams perfectly, however if I use my buffered feed it stops and starts because it sees an end to the file each time.

In short, my question is: How can I make the buffered file an endless feed with no specified filesize rather than a file of Xmb that gets gradually bigger?

EDIT: For reference here is the ip camera feed I was refering to, try to download it and see what I mean - http://ycam3.dtdns.net:8151/stream.av (username/password: guest/guest)