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Thread: arrays, void functions

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    Question arrays, void functions

    Write a C++ program that reads data from a file into an integer array that will hold a maximum of 100 components. Write the following void or value-returning functions:
    a. initialize all elements of the array to zero
    b. read the data from a file and store it in the array
    c. find the index of the component that holds the smallest value
    d. find the average value stored in the array
    e. print all of the elements in the array
    f. print the index of the smallest value, the smallest value, the average and all of the components that are greater than the average (Make sure that all of the values printed are properly labeled.)

    I have some work done already, its on my dell. I am writing this from my mac. Honestly I need alot of help, i dont even think im on the right track with the code i have already wrote. I understand that programmers get mad when people do what im doing. My teacher only responds to emails during 1 hour a day in the afternoon. (this is an online class) so im teaching myself. This is the last assignment i have to do for the semester. Someone please help, and explain what you did. Thanks a million.

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    Re: arrays, void functions


    I have some work done already
    Good !
    I need alot of help
    We are here to help. We've been students before. But... you know it would not be a good thing if we were doing your homework, because you would not learn much, and because that would be unfair to your classmates. We can give you hints and explain difficult points.

    What is difficult here, for you, besides finding time to do everything?

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