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    Question Preprocessor definitions in C#

    Is it possible to use preprocessor definitions in C# like we do in C and C++?

    #define DEBUG
    // ...
    #ifdef DEBUG
    Console.WriteLine("This is a debug message.");
    #endif // #ifdef DEBUG

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    Re: Preprocessor definitions in C#

    Yes, you can define them in Properties > Build. The "DEBUG" symbol is already defined for you.
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    Re: Preprocessor definitions in C#

    For your sample, the only thing that changes is "#ifdef DEBUG" becomes "#if DEBUG".

    Note that C# #define's are strictly 'flag-type' #defines - you can't specify replacements or macros as you can in C/C++.
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    Re: Preprocessor definitions in C#

    For conditional debugging it is possible, but nothing like C++ macros are available in C#.

    Symbol checked in #if condition can be also defined when invoking compiler from command line with /define: e.g. csc /define: DEBUG.
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