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Thread: Question about Regex

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    Question about Regex

    mTrack = new Regex(@"^%B\d{8,19}\^.{1,26}\^\d{2}(01|02|03|04|05|06|07|08|09|10|11|12)\d{3}((.{9,57})+|\^)\?", RegexOptions.None);

    between the two ^ it says minimum 1 , Maximum 26
    This I imagine could any alpha numeric value.

    How can I ensure that this 1,26 byes do not appear in lowercase.
    Meaning aBCD-3/5 RFG is not allowed
    but ABCD-3/5 RFG is
    mind you only inserting [A-Z] does not allow for - & / to be valid , and that is not what I want
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    Re: Question about Regex

    Google Regular Expression Set's (A set can be defined inside of an open and closed bracket)

    I have attached a small application that I wrote when I was learning regular expressions, the zip file also contains a set example that you can check out.
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    Re: Question about Regex

    JPederson, it would be more helpful if you supply any form of code, and not just attach the exe.

    Thank you for understanding


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