Hi All!

I have some questions about an optimal SOA-Stack. We want to implement an SOA architecture in our company and I must currently research what possible SOA stacks are out there.
I have seen tons of software which could be used to, and i have tried some combinations to realize such an architecture but i haven't found a perfect solution.

Our goal is it to have different services ( webservices/wsdl ) in our company which could be combined then in a services composition to handle fast changes of business processes.
Theses processes should have graphical view ( designer ) so that the management could model theses processes or to have a fast view onto it.

At first i have tried to use the combination Glassfish/Netbeans6.7.1/OpenESB ( the GlassFish ESB v2.2 bundle from https://open-esb.dev.java.net/ ).
With this combination i have creates some services, and BPEL project and combined them in a service composition. This has worked good. Then i wanted to do the same
with the newer Netbeans6.8 and i have noticed that the SOA Tools where removec and no more supported!! So, all the BPEL/Services composition ( graphical designer ) is gone in this version,
and it seams that it wont be supported anymore.

Then i checked out the combination JBoss,JBoss ESB, jBPMN. This software packaged is really complex and i think to handle this combination an additional developer will be needed only
to handle the JBoss server.

My result for the software i have tested in short:

JBoss,JBossESB,jBPM, JBoss tools on eclipse - Complex to handle, has a process definition designer, a not so good graphical composition designer, and some people i have talked with say that JBoss sometimes like hell.

GlassFish ESB, NetBeans - Nice BPEL integration but skipped with new Netbeans 6.8. Possible because of the oracle acquisition of Sun?. No graphical designer/process engine for business process like jBPM.

So is anyone out there who has collected some experience with SOA, service compositions and business process definitions, and can tell me what possible SOA stacks are out there
which have a graphical designer for the service composition and business processed? What are the experiences with other ( also commercial ) solutions like IBM WebSphere or Oracle ESB/JDeveloper ? And what possible future could have the open source solutions like GlassFishESB and Jboss?

Thanks for helping me out!