Tips for Website Development

While working on stand alone computer or browsing and using internet many a times various popups may be its about advertisement, some notice or trial period or some alerts... Numerously a lot of times various applications or websites shows us pop ups while we are busy in working with some or the other thing.

Recent studies have shown that seemingly "these small popups" where we just click OK or CANCEL. But these popups come many number of times which distracts users, Psychological Experts say that these popups disturb your thought process, and however subtle they are they do eat our time and efficiency.

So Be Efficient and Keep the popups away!!

DO's :
1) Keep popups blocked on your browser
2) Keep your application settings optimal so that you wont end up in periodic popups
Especially softwares like antivirus, Messengers pop up a lot of time. And there is possibility that you can very well switch it off the warnings.

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