Hi All,

Following is my code.
int limit = 1000000; // 1 Mb
int numLogFiles = 3; //Backup
fh = new FileHandler(fileName,limit,numLogFiles,true);
//filename is /ifs/data/import/nas/qa_ha/inbound/25/VOD/log/Imransonyadi720_1272910261.log

Here filename is 76 chars long. But the FileHandler constructor is throwing the below exception.

java.io.IOException: Couldn't get lock for /ifs/data/import/nas/qa_ha/inbound.0/25/log/Imransonyadi720_1272910261.log
at java.util.logging.FileHandler.openFiles(FileHandler.java:387)
at java.util.logging.FileHandler.<init>(FileHandler.java:361)

In the error it is showing as, '.0' appended to the filename after 'inbound'. It should be appended in the end of the filename.

Why it is doing like this?
is it a bug in FileHandler?
Please let me know. I appreciate for quick responses.