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Thread: How to resolve the "java.io.IOException" issue while creating the FileHandler?

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    How to resolve the "java.io.IOException" issue while creating the FileHandler?

    Hi All,

    fh = new FileHandler(fileName,limit,numLogFiles,true);

    //filename value is /ifs/data/import/nas/qa_ha/inbound/25/VOD/log/Imransonyadi720_1272910261.log

    I am getting the below error when the above code is executed.

    java.io.IOException: Couldn't get lock for /ifs/data/import/nas/qa_ha/inbound.0/25/log/Imransonyadi720_1272910261.log
    at java.util.logging.FileHandler.openFiles(FileHandler.java:387)
    at java.util.logging.FileHandler.<init>(FileHandler.java:361)

    it appends the ".0" to given filename at the time of creation of FileHandler. It is appending ".0", but then it is appending after "inbound" string. It should append in end of the filename.

    This issue is not coming frequently.Please let me know how to avoid this issue?


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    Re: How to resolve the "java.io.IOException" issue while creating the FileHandler?

    Shouldn't you be using the generation number pattern '%g' to specify the generation number position? e.g.

    filename = "/ifs/data/import/nas/qa_ha/inbound/25/VOD/log/Imransonyadi720_1272910261%g.log";

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