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    "Qt" or "boost" threads?

    Hello all,

    I am planning a cross platform application,and going to use Qt library for
    GUI.Also going to separate the UI from the actual code.So that in
    the future I could change the GUI framework, and also be able to interact
    from command line.
    Now, this application would have a few threads.So what do you think is
    preferrable Qt or boost library?
    I understand that choosing Qt would very tight integrate this library into application,
    the same about the boost.

    Your suggestions?

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    Re: "Qt" or "boost" threads?

    Personally, I prefer POSIX. It's old, written in C, and very stable and very fast.

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    Re: "Qt" or "boost" threads?

    I'd suggest Boost Threads, since they're most similar to what C++0x Standard Threads will look like once those are supported. (I don't think any current compilers support them yet.)

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    Re: "Qt" or "boost" threads?

    Boost allows to create threads in any executable or library, it doesn't natter whether it exposes some UI functions or not. Any non-trivial project contains executables and libraries. In main executable working with Qt, you may use both Qt and Boost threads. In helper non-UI libraries you need Boost threads. Generally, in such case it is better to use Boost threads always.

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    Re: "Qt" or "boost" threads?

    Thank you for the good answers,I will probably use the boost library


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