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Thread: Hashtable implementation question

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    Hashtable implementation question

    Currently I'm implementing hashtable with open addressing(linear probing) and everything seems good(the performance is satisfying) but I have requirement to implement methods for getting all the keys/values. Its ok but the problem is that the requirement is to get the next key/value in O(1) (not amortized)
    How is this possible? Should I implement some other view of the hashtable or what?
    I'm using java as a language if this could be of any help.

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    Re: Hashtable implementation question

    If you do not need to return all key/value pairs in a sorted order, think about this:
    What if each key/value pair was also a node in a doubly linked list ?


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    Re: Hashtable implementation question

    Wow thats it! I don't need them in sorted order so this idea will surely work.
    Thanks man

    The funny thing is that i thought of the idea with the list too but I was thinking for a plain linked list - I'm so stupid sometimes!

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