I am facing a little issue:

I have been programming in Visual Studio 2008 using GSL.
For this I followed the tutorial from quantcode, which basically linked VS to different path:
for example:
Tools -> VC++ repertories -> Executable "C:\Program Files (x86)\GnuWin32\src\gsl\1.8\gsl-1.8\VC8\libgsl\Debug-DLL"
Tools -> VC++ repertories -> Executable "C:\Program Files (x86)\GnuWin32\src\gsl\1.8\gsl-1.8\VC8\libgslcblas\Debug-DLL"

(this is very convenient for beginners like me, http://www.quantcode.com/modules/sma...q.php?faqid=10)

Then I just need to copy 2 dll in my project's folder and specify it in the project properties:
Project -> Properties -> link editor -> Entry -> libgsl_dll_d.lib libgslcblas_dll_d.lib

This is great when I am using VS to run my program.

Now I would like to create a DLL to use it with Excel.

As a perfect beginner, I did the usual stuff, create a Win32 DLL project in VS and add a .def, with:

Bottomline: It doesn't work..

Obviously the DLL created in the debug folder that I use in Excel doesn't have all the GSL required files in it.

Is there any solution?

I am a real beginner, so if I need to compile all the GSL etc... could you please explain??

Thanks a lot for your work,