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Thread: Am i going in a right direction?

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    Am i going in a right direction?

    hello all,

    pls have some patience to read this and help me.

    Im a student and doing a project using CSharp. Im doing an automation process. For which i ve to login to a website click some links and then download files from there. I cant download all the files there. The downloading also done with some conditions. so i need to get the details from the website and store in a database table. And then i need to perform operations something like ,

    if (table2 3rd column element equals table3 3rd column element)
    then download a particular file from the web page

    Till now i can navigate, login, perform clicks and then i can extract the table datas from the web page which is need to be stored in sql database table. I ve presently keeping the extracted data from web page in a text files. can i transfer the data in text file to sql to be in table format not as a whole textfile.

    or else is there any way to store directly the extracted content in sql?

    am i going in a right direction?

    if not means pls guide me..


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    Re: Am i going in a right direction?

    You would have to parse the table data and create your INSERTS manually as far as I know. Easy enough to do with Split() and Substring(). There are also some RegEx examples out there to remove HTML code quickly if you need to do that.

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