Hi all,

I am doing work regarding SMS 2003 Management Point API, and I use this blog as reference: http://blogs.msdn.com/rslaten/archiv...he-MP-API.aspx

I am experiencing an error code 800706BA. It seems to have come from the _CHECKHR( pMessaging->Invoke(sMPIPAddress, pRequest, &pReply) ); code.

For some additional information, what I do is automately get the parameters needed except for <PckgID>. Also, I deleted the ADSite from the sNewLocationRequest.

Can anyone help me solve this problem?

Here is my set and additional information:

2 VMs:

Win Server 2008 x64 containing SCCM, SQL, Domain Controller
-> Firewall is off
Windows Preinstallation Environment x86
-> This is where I run the Locationrequest application.

I did not check MFC, just included <atlstr.h> in order to use CStrings.

I hope that you would help me with my problem.

Thank you very much!