Hi all,

I am working with the SMS management point API, and the invoke method. The invoke method is used to send a message from a client computer to a remote computer. The remote computer will then send back to the client computer a reply.

When I use the invoke method like this:


I get error code 800706BA. I think that this means that "RPC Server is unavailable" or something to that measure. So I think that that means that it cannot contact the server.

I changed it to only check the computer name, SCCMDC.

invoke("SCCMDC", pMessage, pReply);

What happened is that the error code changed to 80070005. I think that this means that the authentication failed to the currently logged in user. Because of this, I take it as that it can contact the server, but failed to access it because of authentication failure. Please correct me if I am wrong here.

My problem is how to get around this. Can anyone suggest to me commands how to impersonate a user from a Remote Computer with Administrator rights so that the application can run with those rights?

Thank you!