DirectSound problem over Windows XP
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Thread: DirectSound problem over Windows XP

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    DirectSound problem over Windows XP

    Posting this thread here, cause DSound is a part of DirectX. Sorry, if I'm wrong.

    I'm developing an audio engine for capturing/playing/mixing sounds in network multimedia chat application.

    And I got problems when using it on Windows XP. Somehow, DirectSound affects WinXP system global volume. It should be due to waveout/dsound conflicts.

    Anyway, everytime when DSound is initialized - the waveout volume is set to zero.
    Initialization of playback device includes:

    DirectSoundCreate8(&AudioDriverGUIDs[playbackID], &pAudio, NULL);
    pAudio->SetCooperativeLevel(parentWnd, DSSCL_PRIORITY);

    How can I fix this annoying issue?

    I'm not sure what information should I provide for you to understand the problem, so do not hesitate to request any information that can be useful.

    Thanks a lot!

    Anton A. Shpakovsky

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    Unhappy Re: DirectSound problem over Windows XP

    Hello again,

    as far as i understood the problem is that setting PrimaryBuffer volume effects on winXP system volume. How can I make DirectSound Primary Buffer not to change system volume ?

    Please help.

    Anton A. Shpakovsky

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    Re: DirectSound problem over Windows XP

    The system volume is unchanged when you open a DirectX application.

    Please clarify, you want to change the DX output levels without changing the entire system's volume?


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