We are looking for someone who can write windows system code to accomplish the following:
- create processes in a sandbox
- use IPC to communicate with those processes
- ensure that the sandboxed processes are unable to break out or communicate except as we desire

Specifically, who we are looking for should:
- be very comfortable with C/C++
- understand system programming and relevant security
- be familiar with the relevant windows system calls
- ideally someone local (some telecommuting is ok, but some face-time is good)
- ideally be familiar with Unix syscalls and be able to port over that system code

See worldki.com for a description of our company. If you are interested in this job, please reply with the following information:
- resume
- desired compensation
- code sample
- how you feel you would fit in working with us
- any questions you have

Also, we are open to eventually hiring you full-time if we feel you fit in well. Interest in eventually coming on full-time is not a requirement for this job. However, signing an NDA is. We hope to eventually open everything up, but for now we must have people sign NDAs. We will make every effort to reply to candidates who follow the above directions and fit the job description reasonably well. We understand that no one will be a perfect fit.