Hi All,
My first thread....

I am working on a project and I am stuck with a conceptual idea.

I am going to try and explain things here... but feel free to ask if something is not clear enough.

I have a system that has a single host and a single client.

This system is connected together using a simple Ethernet hub.

The client is to remain connected to the host AT ALL TIMES - no exceptions.

A person (user) can change the IP of the host which will trigger automatically a message to the client that my ip has change to xxx.xxx.xxx.xxx and a new connection is established.

All this works fine - so far.

I am running into some problems (explained below) and I wanted to change my implementation.

I was thinking about assigning my host an IP of and my client (private network IPs) but here is where the problem arises.

If I want to connect my system to my home network - then my laptop cannot talk to the client since my laptop gets an ip assignment from my ISP and the network has private IPs.

Is there a list of IPs that allow me to communicate between my laptop and my client?