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    Initial Splash Screen Configuration

    my splash screen has 8 bitmaps and 3 icons in it. i loaded them all by coordinates. is it

    possible to load them in relation to how big the screen is, instead of by absolute

    cordinates? my opening screen looks fine in one screen resolution, but is not symmetrical if

    looked at at a different screen resolution.

    i can do this with windows that pop up within the splash screen, but don't know how to with

    the splash screen.


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    Re: Initial Splash Screen Configuration

    Anything is possible. Read the size of the screen, and then compute where the splash should be displayed.
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    Re: Initial Splash Screen Configuration

    currently the positions of my bitmaps and buttons on the opening window are set in the IDD_Splash section, by physically moving them into the locations on the window. I put 2 all the way on the right edge. however, depending on the computer screen resolution, sometimes the bitmaps are on the edge, sometimes away from the edge. is there another way to display bitmaps and buttons more accurately? maybe the way windows can be displayed using proportions of the parent window, not in absolute terms?

    BOOL CSplashDlg::OnInitDialog()



    CRect rect;
    SystemParametersInfo(SPI_GETWORKAREA, 0, &rect, 0);

    return TRUE;

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