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Thread: C#/.NET native compiler in the future?

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    C#/.NET native compiler in the future?

    I'm wondering if Microsoft has any intentions to make a native C# compiler in the future? C# is a really nice language, but many programmers are drawn back by the fact that it relies on a VM.

    Does anyone know?


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    Re: C#/.NET native compiler in the future?

    Since the idea is managed code and since it has already been around for several years now I would think the answer is most likely no.
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    Re: C#/.NET native compiler in the future?

    I don't think you understand what you're asking. Firstly, .NET bytecode is compiled to native assembly before the application executes. So .NET is already 'natively compiled' in that respect.

    If by 'VM' you mean the jit + garbage collector, that'd be the absolute worst thing you could remove. Automatic memory management is pretty much essential (in my eyes) for any modern large application. You'd be a fool to try to write a 1,000,000 LOC application with manual memory management.
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