When I try to select data from a table (even the simplest statements such as select pkey from sometable) on a Windows 7 machine the command itermetinaly times-out. I have tried using OLE Connection and and ADO connection to no avail. The problem does not exist on any Windows XP machines (of which there are several), and occurs even when I take my application out of the loop and execute the query directly Managment studio. I have tried on several different Windows 7 boxes and they all exhibit the same problem. It cannot be related to the way that I am connected because because I can select data from tables that do not have the varbinary columns in them but will Timeout on the tables that do. The table in question is very small and only contains <40 rows. The Server is Windows Server 2003 Running Sql Server Standard.

I am at a loss where to go with this and any guidance would be appreciated