Hey , first post Thanks all in advance, ive already been helped soo much by this site and others.

Problem: I have 2 dialog box's and 2 dialog box procedures: BOOL 'name'DlgProc(bla bla).
I am using a resource file to define the buttons, sizes ect.
My 2 dialog box's work perfectly,I run into a issue when i create the third.

Create Box definitions in resource file much the same as the others, create a third DlgProc().
I run the program, when I open the first 2 dialog box's that work perfectly.
When i run the third however, the box itself doesnt quite draw or become its own entity so
to speak.
I can see/click/edit the buttons/editbox's but the box itself doesnt draw.

Now the percuilar(i cant spell) thing is that if, when i call the third dialog box, i instead of calling
the new(third) DlgProc(), i call the second or the first, it draws perfectly.
I have cut and pasted the first and second dialog box procedures and simply renamed and still
the same issue(so i know its not some coding error, thus i didnt post any).

Happy to post code if nessasry, but as i said, i have 2 box's working perfectly if i get rid of one of the other box's proc,
the third works, is there a limit on how many DlgProc()'s your aloud to have?

Thanks in Advance, Michael.