Wow, it works. Thanks paul!

Now, as for how items are set up, the way I see it I have 2 choices.

1) I can define all of the items in my custom header file. While un-elegant, and hurting modularity, I know that it works, and I can make it work without *too* much hassle.

2) I can define the items in an XML file, and use an XML schema file and some file-reading magic to read the items from the file. Whether or not I have to load the whole file into memory (after doing some "sizeof" tests with option 1, I found out the list really isn't that big, data-wise), this'll be great for modularity, and it'll even allow users to mod item's stats and whatnot.

I'd like to do option 2, but for now I'll just stick with what works. If anybody has a good tutorial for getting an XML and XML schema file to work nicely, it would be infinitely appreciated.