My first question is why was VS2010 released without features that existed (for a long time) in previous versions, small things that make a difference. And when will they be (re-)implemented?

Example 1:
New Project Dialog > Location combo. This used to support auto complete. Now, nada.

Example 2:
Documentation. Search really sucks. With Document Explorer, we had auto filtering of the matching results in the index pane. For instance when I pressed GetWin, it jumped to the first entry that started with GetWin (of course, because everything was indexed). Now, in the new documentation tool in the browser, there is no indexing. And if I search for "GetWin" I get no results.
We did not find any results for your query.
It only finds exact matches. This is outrageous. I have the entire documentation installed on my machine, it should be indexed and it should be possible to get results from partial names, like everything that starts with GetWin.

Example 3:
In VC++ mixed-mode application in VS2008 it was possible to change the targeted version of the .NET framework from the project properties dialog. But not in VS2010. You have to open the project file in an editor and MANUALLY change the version.

And I can give another examples, but I'll stop here.

Yes, VS2010 has nice new features, but there are also things that used to be there and were very useful and there is no support for them anymore.

Thank you.