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Thread: Great language support, but are you addressing the performance issues?

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    Question Great language support, but are you addressing the performance issues?


    I have three or four questions below which require a bit of background information: which follows.

    I am a long time user of Microsoft Developer Studio. In my development teams, we have consistently used this product line for a long time --- since Visual C++ 1.2 way back sometime around 1994.

    We have seen versions of Visual Studio come and go over the years and, in general, we are very pleased with this product line. In fact, we like it so much that we even use Visual Studio 2008 for the cross development of embedded microcontroller applications --- surmounting significant extra work in the build environment just so we can take advantage of your wonderful editors, code completion (sometimes with plug ins like Visual Assist) and project management. What really makes the difference for us is a clean editor and IDE environment and very high quality language standards adherence.

    However, with this newest version of Visual Studio 2010, the performance of the IDE is, well, simply put --- poor to say the least or better said, atrocious. The reactions of mouse scrolls, clicks, double clicks, file open, close operations, etc. are all slow, slow enough to really be noticed. Especially poor was the mouse scroll which requires a workaround on many XP machines --- the user actually needs to deactivate the default support for hardware acceleration in the graphic environment in order to avoid terrible window scroll performance. I would hardly call this a driver problem, rather a design weakness, a reliance on non-given user performance parameters. Many long time users of the Visual Studio product line all come to me and express the same concerns. They report that the IDE is slow --- slow in all aspects. It entirely lacks the snappiness that a tool of this quality requires. I also experience the GUI environment as poor.

    It is so bad --- the poor quality of the IDE --- that it actually lends the impression that the overall quality of Visual Studio 2010 is poor. But nothing could be farther from the truth. Visual Studio 2010 (under the hood and beyond the poor IDE) is simply great. The language standards adherence --- even supporting large portions of C++0x --- is spectacular. The new .NET implementation sets a milestone for development flexibility and ease.

    We would like to know:

    Are you aware of the uproar in the user community regarding these poor IDE performance issues?

    Do you share the opinions of many others regarding poor IDE performance of Visual Studio 2010?

    And if so, are you addressing the poor IDE performance issues? When will the user community see significant improvement in this area?

    Sincerely, Chris.
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