Devart has recently announced the release of a new totally free code comparison tool that is integrated into Visual Studio that helps you to make all of the development and merging operations within one environment at the same time. CodeCompare brings you the features you lack all the time:

- Enhanced Visual Studio editor
- IntelliSense and Syntax Highlighting
- Code folding
- Advanced code comparison and merging functionality
- Simple source control system integration

CodeCompare can process all text file types supported by Visual Studio, for example:

- C# sources
- C++ sources
- Visual Basic sources
- Solution and project files
- HTML pages
- ASP.NET Web Forms
- JavaScript files
- WPF documents

Links between text blocks help you to find changes easily. You can quickly identify different types thanks to block highlighting.
CodeCompare allows you to perform merging even during the debugging process that can speed up your development.
CodeCompare can be easily integrated into any version control system that supports external comparators. You can set up CodeCompare as a comparison and merging tool with the help of the command line.

Pricing and Availability

CodeCompare is an absolutely free utility, but nevertheless you can receive full support. CodeCompare is available for immediate download at Users are welcome to write any comments and suggestions about CodeCompare at its support page

About Devart

Devart is a software development company with 11 years of experience on the software market and over 20 thousands of devoted users. Devart specializes in .NET development and has a wide expertise in developing Visual Studio integrated solutions.

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