Hi my name is Laslund! I am currently trying to seek skilled coder(s) for my friend Jorge Fuentes'd 16 bit Casltevania 3 remake. It has been on hiatus for a while since the original coder left. I'm not sure what program it was started in but i can open it up in Visual studio 2010 and it seems fine. So far their are only 1 player, 1 boss and a handful of enemies coded in. The majority of the levels are done so far. Jorge has alot of artwork done in his project as it stands. Myself and my buddy Reiko are part of another similar project. We have alot of sprite art for players and extra boss animations,etc. We also have a game maker 8 engine that has alot of gml coding in it. I figure because we are having error issues in our engine that it may be best to see if someone who has good C++ and use our gml engine for use to transfer code. Granted i will have to talk to jorge on that if someone does. Also not sure, and i'll run it by him,but their may be possibilities of non repeat bosses. I'll have to talk with him about that though. But the reason i'm suggesting it is because we have 4 players and alot more bosses and enemies implemented in gmk engine than his engine and it may be easier to view code and transfer some things. We are just having issues with gmk file at this time. Jorge's game is a very professional looking game and has many levels so far and game kick but! If any C++ coder or coders are willing to help you can try contacting him here at:
Here are some of his videos of his game footage:

I dunno if he's interested or not but we have several other skins we'd done in our engine, and i know he mentioned he had done some work on alucard and sypha.:
Sypha ver 1with trevor:
sypha ver 2 with trevor:

He is the forum admin at caslevania dungeon. Also if you need you can contact me if you need at pamb28@sbclobal.net
Any questions or concerns please ask and i will run it by him.
IN all honesty he has a great fan game, he just needs solid and adament C++ code help. Alot of people agree.Thanks again for your time!