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    Post Need to Find the Best Way to Accomplish this task.

    I have a SQL database that has two tables, one is the employee table, and the other is the schedule table. The employee table has employee ID (key), Employee Name. The schedule table has Employee ID (linked to employee table), Date, StartTime (time that an employee starts), EndTime (time that an employee ends). I would like to display (and allow editing) of this table, based upon these two tables:

    Employee ID Date1 Date2 Date3 ... (one for each day of week)
    John Smith StartTime: StartTime: StartTime:
    EndTime: EndTime: EndTime:

    Michael Berg StartTime: StartTime: StartTime:
    EndTime: EndTime: EndTime:

    ... (for all employees)

    Each cell represents the starting time and ending time of the employee for that date (it varies daily).

    What is the best way to acomplish this? Is a nested gridview possible to implement this? Thank you in advance for your help.

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    Re: Need to Find the Best Way to Accomplish this task.

    you just need to create a simple view into your database, to get your data, and read this view and add it to your GridView datasource
    and when you insert or update or delete you will actually reflect only the schedule table
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