hey guys ...i m making a project of "CHESS GAME".....
in which to identify any pieces of chess board ,i had used described mechanism....(see code of array)
but it actually not working...it takes garbage value...it is working only for the "Rook"...
i can't understand this behavior...so plz help me 2 find out d bugs..

you can also give some more efficient mechanism for identify d piece on chess board...

if you knw any thing which can help me 2 make chess game then plz post it...hurry up!!

thnk u...

code of array:
jPieces = new String[8][8];
jPieces[0][0] = "bRook";
jPieces[0][1] = "bKnight";
jPieces[0][2] = "bBishop";
jPieces[0][3] = "bQueen";
jPieces[0][4] = "bKing";
jPieces[0][5] = "bBishop";
jPieces[0][6] = "bKnight";
jPieces[0][7] = "bRook";
jPieces[1][0] = "bPawn";
jPieces[1][1] = "bPawn";
jPieces[1][2] = "bPawn";
jPieces[1][3] = "bPawn";
jPieces[1][4] = "bPawn";
jPieces[1][5] = "bPawn";
jPieces[1][6] = "bPawn";
jPieces[1][7] = "bPawn";

jPieces[6][0] = "wPawn";
jPieces[6][1] = "wPawn";
jPieces[6][2] = "wPawn";
jPieces[6][3] = "wPawn";
jPieces[6][4] = "wPawn";
jPieces[6][5] = "wPawn";
jPieces[6][6] = "wPawn";
jPieces[6][7] = "wPawn";
jPieces[7][0] = "wRook";
jPieces[7][1] = "wKnight";
jPieces[7][2] = "wBishop";
jPieces[7][3] = "wQueen";
jPieces[7][4] = "wKing";
jPieces[7][5] = "wBishop";
jPieces[7][6] = "wKnight";
jPieces[7][7] = "wRook";

for(int x=0;x<8;x++)
for(int y=0;y<8;y++)