Im trying to write a code, at the moment I have numbers being generated into 6 labels I then have a "save to history" cmd button with the idea that the captions of the labels are added onto a spreadsheet on the form. (either excell, msflexgrid or anyother it doesn't matter)

so I need to;
1. have a spread sheet ideally with 0 rows and 6 colums
2. when the "save to history" button is clicked....
----------- add a new row.
----------- display Lblnumber(1).caption in cell A1,Lblnumber(2).caption in cell b1,ect.
----------- save the sheet.

Idealy the spread sheet will be an object on the form rather than a seperate file.
Ive tried msflexgrid and found it easier to add rows change collum size, ect. but I cannot work out how to get the label captions onto it correctly (i managed to get 1 cell to display 1 label.caption but then couldn't add the others).

I havent got a clue with the excell sheet!

So please Help Im sure this is really easy stuff to anyone used to VB 6.0