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    Bill Acceptor Program

    Hi There

    I am brand new to the community and was hoping if someone on here could help me out with a program that I am trying to develop. Since I am pretty new to all of this and am having a hard time understanding how to go about completing this project.

    I am trying to interface with a Bill Acceptor via Serial Port. The bill acceptor sends a pulse through the serial port every time a dollar is inserted into the bill acceptor. For example, if $1 is inserted one pulse is sent, if a $5 bill is inserted 5 pulses are sent.

    I need to write a program that can update a simple text file with the number of bills that have been inserted into the machine.

    I was wondering if there would be anyway if anyone on here would be able to help me out. I have a photobooth that that I am putting into a restaurant later this week and I need to get my bill acceptor to interface before Thursday. Below is a link to a youtube video that someone has posted of the same type of Bill Acceptor program I need. Please let me know what you think as soon as possible.


    Thank you in advance for you help.
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    Thank you


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    Re: Bill Acceptor Program

    I need to write a program that can update a simple text file with the number of bills that have been inserted into the machine.
    How far are your with the program and what is the missing part you need help with ?

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    Re: Bill Acceptor Program

    Not far at all. I'm pretty new at this and it seems that I need some help. Could someone provide what type of code would be used for a program like this?

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    Re: Bill Acceptor Program

    Sending pulses via serial port? Are you meaning characters or are you meaning regular of pulses? If so I guess the signalling is thru using DTR or similar. What timing are the pulses? If they are short you would probably need to write some driver code (and not even that is 100% safe).
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    Re: Bill Acceptor Program

    Have your query got solved, please let me know because i have the same query and i'm having JCM DBV-302-SD bill acceptor actually i'm missing some part of the connection, i m having one cable i.e. connected to the PC through serial port. can you tell what are the requirements so that i can connect the bill acceptor to the PC. Please answer the query

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