Hello wonderful people who help others,

I am building a GUI in MFC, and I am having a hard time figuring out how to make a menu item open up a modeless dialog window thingy. The menu item has a unique ID, and the dialog has been created, but I am having the toughest time figuring out how to link the two. The project is an MFC application in Visual Studio named test1. I know that I have to call the function "Create" somewhere, and I have to put the event handler "ON_COMMAND(ID_MENUID, someFunctionSomeHow)" in test1.cpp - but where exactly I put everything and how I might have to change my dialog's class to be modeless is beyond me.

I have been all around the internet, and it has only served to confuse me. I am an absolute beginner with MFC and Visual C++, so please use small words and big paragraphs. I am lost and scared and I could use the help of someone with experience doing these kinds of things.

Please and thank you,