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Thread: Enum Issue

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    Enum Issue

    Hi Experts

    I am migrating one project from Vc 6.0 to Vc 8.0. I found one compilation Error regarding Enum.

    In Vc 6.0 they have declared an enum in a class and again the same enum they are using in other class with scope resolution and have changed the enum value. It is compiling fine on Vc 6.0 but throwing an error while compiling in Vc 8.0.

    Example code.

    class CTest
    enum TestEnum {NA=0, First};

    class CTest1
    enum CTest::TestEnum {Second, Third};


    It is working fine in Vc 6.0 but throwing error in Vc 8.0
    Error is:- error C2911: 'CTest::TestEnum' : cannot be declared or defined in the current scope

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    Re: Enum Issue

    You cannot redefine or append an enum.

    You will need to figure out why the 2nd enum is there. Then somehow 'solve' the error. This could mean deleting the first enum, deleting the 2nd enum. renaming either of the two (or both if that makes sense). or somethign else entirely. without seeing the actual problem it's not possible to give a clear answer as to what's best for you.

    If you were hoping for a compiler "fix". Then sorry, there is none, the VC6 synax is not valid, never was valid, and only compiled in VC6 due to a huge amount of standards compliance issues.

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