First, I'm new to the forum and new to CSharp. I have loaded the Visual Studio 2010 Express C# Edition and I have .NET Framework 4 loaded.

Second, I have dones some scripting with VBScript and Bash (Linux) but I would like to go further with programming. I am building a Windows Application that uses the DirectoryServices library. I need assistance enumerating groups of any given user I choose. Do I need to incoporate a DataSet? I am still doing a lot of reading and testing of my own. Please be patient with me. I am new to learning it.

Lastly, are there and goood books out there that are for CSharp beginners (designing Windows Apps in particular)? I have the "C# for dummies," and I am reading this. Thank you for your assistance.

Here is a snippet of my code below:
 private void frMain_Load(object sender, EventArgs e)
            this.lbUser.Text = Environment.UserDomainName + "\\" + Environment.UserName;
            DataSet members = new DataSet();
            DirectoryEntry conn = new DirectoryEntry(Connection.GetLDAP(), Connection.GetUser(),
                "<password omitted>",
            DirectorySearcher authentic = new DirectorySearcher();
            authentic.Filter = "(&(sAMAccountName=" + Environment.UserName + ")(company=Broadvox LLC)(objectClass=user))";
            SearchResult one = authentic.FindOne();
            string userDN = one.GetDirectoryEntry().Properties["distinguishedName"].Value.ToString();
            DataTable tbUser = members.Tables.Add("memberOf");