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    Getting focused control

    I'm trying to get the HWND of the focused control in the system. This control is not necessarily in my thread. I've tried this:
    IntPtr IntPtrLocalFocus = GetFocus();
    IntPtr IntPtrFore = GetForegroundWindow();
    if (IntPtrFore == IntPtr.Zero)
         return IntPtr.Zero;
    Int32 dwCurrID = GetCurrentThreadId();
    Int32 dwForeID = GetWindowThreadProcessId(IntPtrFore, IntPtr.Zero);
    if (dwForeID == dwCurrID)
         return IntPtrLocalFocus;
    if (AttachThreadInput(dwCurrID, dwForeID, 1) == IntPtr.Zero)
         return IntPtr.Zero;
    IntPtr IntPtrGlobalFocus = GetFocus();
    AttachThreadInput(dwCurrID, dwForeID, 0);
    //Restore local focus
    return IntPtrGlobalFocus;
    However, it doesn't work perfectly. For example, sometimes when an edit control is focused, the code above will return the form which contains the edit control, and not the edit control itself.

    Am I missing something?
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    Re: Getting focused control

    The Windows API GetFocus returns a window handle which type is HWND, not a IntPtr
    So either your code is wrong or the Forum you chose for your problem is wrong.
    Victor Nijegorodov

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    Re: Getting focused control

    This code is not written in C++. IntPtr is just the replacement for HWND in the language the code was written.

    I ran the code in C++ as well. If it makes any difference I can write here the C++ version of this code.

    My question is about the API calls. I think the idea behind that code is right, but for some reason it doesn't work all the times.

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    Re: Getting focused control

    Best regards,

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