Hello every one,

I am new in C++ and I have a new project.
I have a text file with numbers that are coordinates x,y

The text filesīs format looks like this:


234 5678
243 3456
193 235
1234 345

and so on


1.- Put all this file in a buffer memory (unsigned char inbuffer [2000],
2.- Display each two coordinates in two text box one for X and one for Y (I dontīt know how to do this)
3.- inbuffer [0] = outbuffer[0]
inbuffer [1] = outbuffer[1]

4.-increment inbuffer + 2 for next two coordinates
5.-Put this data in USB (Resolved)
6.-Microcontroller sends ready bit to receive more data (resolved)
7.-Repeat from step 2 until all data is sended.
I really appreciate your help with a little code.