Live Documenter

* Live view of your .NET XML Code Comments.
* Gives you your up-to-date project documentation. Always up to date, always live.
* Supports Visual Studio 2003, 2005, 2008 and 2010.
* No need to read out of date static documentation, read your project like a book; hot of the press.

Live Documentation for .NET XML Comments
The Live Documenter isn't just another XML Comment Documenter, it's different. It works by displaying the live information from your project. Rather than an old out of date static copy. Live Documenter lets you read your comments, like a book. Always straight from the press.

Why Choose Live Documenter?

Information the way it should be
Your project information at your fingertips. Live Documenter presents a live view of your projects code documentation. No more viewing out of date static information.

Exceptional Performance
Providing live up to date documentation at high speed is important when you need your documenter to help not hinder your current development process. Live Documenter loads large projects at lightning speeds.

Support for Visual Studio
Live Documenter integrates with Visual Studio, allowing you to open project and solution files, view the XML code documentation for everything in one place.

Searchable documentation
Live Documenter allows searching of all class, method, properties etc and its associated XML code documentation.

Supports up to .NET v4
Live Documenter currently supports all versions of the .NET framework up to v4. Includes support for .NET generics.

Visually Pleasing
Live Documenter uses Microsofts WPF to present your projects code documentation in the most visually pleasing way. Not only is your information up to date, it looks great.

A Company that Cares
The Box Software provides support, utilises User Voice and provides countless mechanisms for your input. We believe software should grow around its users not behind the ideas of an out of the loop individual.