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You have a lot of problems. Starting at the beginning, at the time you're using it, the compiler hasn't seen findLetter, so it doesn't know what it is. Move it before main.

studentAverage is declared in main, yet you're trying to use it in findLetter. You'll need to pass it to findLetter as an argument. Same with letterGrade.

I explained the problem with A, B, C, etc earlier in the thread.

Not sure what you're trying to do in the first line of saveError.

In this for loop
  for ( gradeNumber; canWe == true; gradeNumber++; )
	  cout << "Please submit the next grade." << endl << "Grade: ";
	  cin >> submitAmount;
	  submitAmount + totalAmount = totalAmount;
	  cout << "Thank you, the grade has been added." << endl;
	  cout << "Would you like to add another grade or would you like to quite?" << endl;
	  cout << "Type 1 to contine or type 2 to quite and press <enter>." << endl << "1 or 0: "; // may need to be switched to true or false
	  cin >> canWe >> endl;
	  return totalAmount, gradeNumber;
What are you trying to do with gradeNumber?
You have an unconditional return in the loop.
You can only return one value.
Your function calls after the loop won't be executed because of the return in the for loop.
I thought that it would first look at all the things above main() and then start the program. So long as it was above main then I would be fine. I will change that.

What I was trying to do was get the number and add all the numbers together and then average so I could give a grade.