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Please delete your post. He derives no benefit from you doing it for him. Perhaps you noticed most of us here could easily correct his mistakes, but chose to give guidance instead of doing the work. That's how this board works. So what, he hands in his (your) assignment having learned nothing. How is that helping? Will you be here to do his next assignment too?
ok, first of all... I am learning this on my own... this is not for school... and yes don't give me the answer... but give me what I need to learn... like an example... when you give me the answer I have to go through and learn to see what I did wrong and may assume something that is wrong is right... (if you get what I mean)

To everyone else... I will work on the code again when I get back... and yes I am reading what the compiler is saying, but I just don't know how to fix it... (said isnt it?) well... thats what happens when you are learning...

be back in 5 days... see you all then (wish I had a laptop or netbook)