Hello There!! I have a GUI code that allows me to read and write to my Arduino...At this point, I'm having difficulty capturing the data and storing it in a variable to use it to graph plots on my GUI. I tried to read through the program but I'm new to C# and I really don't know where to capture it...I have the main.cs, main.designer.cs.communicationmanager.cs file where I do most of the code is and i think there is program.cs etc but really nobody touch them i guess......so my question is as follow: i can see my data from the USB is read on a text box but i really want to copy that data into a variable that i can use to plot a graph....anybody can point me on whhat to be looking for or what syntax would allow me to do so..I would appreciate any feedback you may have.

Just to emphasis: it's a GUI not a console window application