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    HELP! Have a project and need to find an application written in Java.

    I just started a class in software construction, and we are going to learn about software reengineering. We have to find an application that is written in a programming language we are familiar with. The only programming language I am learning is Java. The application has to be moderately complex. We have to be able to compile it and analyze it, and recode it etc using some kind of software reengineering tool. The assignment says it has to be a domain we are familiar with. The following is what I have worked on before, and what my knowledge is to date:

    1. I have windows on my pc and laptop
    2. I have netbeans where I do my Java programming
    3. I have taken Java programming classes up to intermediate level. I will be taking the advanced class next term.

    I have no idea where to find an application written totally in Java. I don't know C or C+.

    I need help locating a good Java application, as well as the questions answered below:

    1. Can someone point me to an application that isn't too simple (that's another thing, I have no idea how to judge the complexity of it), but not too complex to reconstruct?

    2. What is the best tool to use to do the software reengineering side of the assignment?

    Thank you

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    Re: HELP! Have a project and need to find an application written in Java.

    I decided to just post the actual assignment details so you can see what it is that we are supposed to do:

    Software Reengineering Project

    This course is comprised of a series of Individual Project assignments that will contribute to a Key Assignment submission at the end of the course. Each week, you will complete a part of a Software Reengineering Project. You will select a software application, and apply your research to the reengineering of the application that demonstrates the knowledge that you have gained throughout the course.

    You will be given a Key Assignment to develop a Software Reengineering Project plan for an application of your choice. The goal of this plan is to complete the appropriate analysis and strategy that would allow a software development team to proceed with the reengineering effort.

    Application Selection

    The first step will be to select an application as the target for your Software Reengineering Project plan. This application will be used as the basis for each of the assignments throughout the course and should conform to the following guidelines:

    Nontrivial: The application should be large enough and sufficiently complex to allow reasonable exercise of the software-reengineering research and planning process.
    The application should be a completed application of moderate complexity for the Windows operating system.
    The application should include source code that is written in a language with which you are familiar and which you have the necessary tools and libraries to compile the application.
    The application should utilize some type of application programming interfaces (APIs). The APIs can be for use of a database, class library, or an API written specifically for the application’s internal operations.
    Domain knowledge: You should be familiar with the type of application chosen and the programming language used.
    It will also be helpful if you are familiar with the general architecture of the type of program chosen (client–server, n-tier, etc.).

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