What is this kind of syntax called?
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Thread: What is this kind of syntax called?

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    What is this kind of syntax called?


    I am relatively new to C++. I found this piece of code in a project I am working on. Somebody else wrote it. I have never seen this kind of syntax before and I am curious to know more about it:

    class A { bool flag; };
    class B { A a1, a2, a3; };

    /* this is the syntax i haven't seen before */
    A B::* arrayname[3] = {&B::a1, &B::a2, &B::a3};

    B b;
    /* and this is how to use it */
    if ((b.*arrayname[0]).flag) ...

    Thank you.

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    Re: What is this kind of syntax called?

    They're basically pointers which count from the start of a given object rather than globally, effectively allowing you to "choose" a particular field of an object without having to tie the pointer to that *particular* object.

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