Some weeks ago, I downloaded ResEdit (version 1.5.4) to fill the gap of the missing resource editor in my VC++ 2010 Express Edition. I found the link to it using the forum search feature in a thread from 2008 in the Visual C++ section.

The tool appears to do anything I expect from it (though I haven't used it in a really productive manner yet), but everytime I run it, I end up with an empty Documents list in the Windows Start Menu (Win XP pro SP3).

I already have sent an e-mail to the development team slightly more than a week ago using the address given in the tool's help menu, but got no reply yet. A Google search revealed nothing related either.

The issue looks somehow obvious to me, so maybe anyone around here using the same tool has encountered the same and has any tips for me? Or maybe a pointer to an alternative tool not having this annoying "feature"?