I'm making a "war" style card game. For the sake of explanation, assume that there are only 10 available cards valued 1 through 10. At the start of the game, 5 of the cards will be randomly given to Player 1 and the other 5 will be given to Player 2.

So far, I have three int arrays. The first array represents the total available cards (i.e. int cards[10]...); the 2nd array is Player 1's cards and the 3rd array is Player 2's cards.

My question is about the "deal" of the cards. Specifically, how can I take an element from the 1st array and place it into either the 2nd or 3rd array in such a way that the same element cannot later be randomly picked again? For example, is player 1 is given card #5, how can I ensure that either player 1 or player 2 doesn't end up with a second #5 card?