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    C# + MS SQL Server Deployment Problem??


    I have developed a Application in C# using Microsoft Visual Studio 2005. The application uses the Sql Server 2005 database (Sql Express) - one that comes bundled with MVS 2005. The application is running fine. Now I have to create a Setup and install it on the other computer.

    I added a Setup Project to current solution and created a setup using wizard. The problem is after installing the application and running the application - there is a database problem - The application can not get the connection or something.

    I want to know what to do with the database while creating a setup? There is no Enterprise manager with SQl Server 2005 so I can not backup my DB.
    Does the Computer on which the application is to be installed should have SQl server installed?

    If yes, how to add this DB to that computer so that there are no problems?

    Also I want to know about the Crystal reports path. The crystal reports are loaded from some fixed path now. But the user of the application may install the application anywhere. So how to set path for crystal reports? Will application setup takes care of these paths or they need to be handled manually?

    I want a simple solution.

    [Note:The database contains 6 tables and many stored procedures]

    Sanket A.

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    Re: C# + MS SQL Server Deployment Problem??

    I am not exactly sure about the target computer requiring SQL Express, but my instincts tell me that it will require SQL Express to be installed. Additionally, just as a hint, you will need to pay attention to your app.config file which is where your connection strings should be located to your database. The setup you created for your application should have included sql express as well if it is required as well as your database file if its part of the project, but I could be wrong on that point. I am a web developer so I'm a little hazy on winform stuff.

    On the crystal reports I am almost positive that the settings will be located in either your app.config file, or, and I'm assuming this is a win-forms app, web.config file.

    Hope these hints help.

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