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    [RESOLVED] How to resolve symbolic file system links

    I have written a small app that deals with files of any kind. So far, I can pick the file to process using a file open dialog or drop it on the app's Form. Everything basically works fine, but while the dialog resolves symbolic links (.lnk files) for me implicitly (after setting the appropriate property, of course), my app will process the .lnk file itself rather than the file it points to when I drop it on the app.

    So I'll have to resolve the link myself in that case. But how would I do that the .NET way? Neither an MSDN search nor Google gave me any satisfying results so far.

    I once did the same thing in an MFC app a long time ago and I remember I had to employ some COM stuff for that, and found that unnecessarily complicated. I suppose there is another way to do that with the CLR. If not, I would appreciate a pointer to some description an how to do it the old-fashioned way too, but please including instructions on how to use that COM stuff from the .NET environment.

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