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Thread: AP computer science help

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    Cool AP computer science help

    i'm having problems remembering syntax. does anyone think they could help me?
    a drunk is placed at the center of a 7 m bridge. each steps he moves one meter forward or one step back wards. i need to write a program that will determine how many steps the drunk will take before falling off the bridge. it needs to display the bridge for every stage of the trip. it needs to do this 50 times and display the average and greatest number of steps. any help is much appreciated

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    Re: AP computer science help

    What syntax are you having problems remembering? If you ask a specific question, you're more likely to get a specific answer.

    What has your program got to do with your syntax problem?

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    Re: AP computer science help

    What syntax are you having problems remembering
    The bit that allows him/her to formulate a request for someone to do the homework for them
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    Re: AP computer science help


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