Hi WPF experts

I'm experienced in MFC and C++ and is not moving to C# and WPF.

I'll be building an application where the left side (separated by a splitter) has a tree control that functions as a navigation front-end. Whenever the user selects a new item in the tree control the entire content of the right side of the window is replaced.

In MFC I acomplished this by splitters and views and replacing the view in a splitter. If the new view also had to be split I created more sup splitters and inserted views (could get quite complicated in the limiting MFC model).

What is the best approach for a WPF application ? Create all 'views' in a single .xaml file and use the navigation tree to 'hide/unhide' 'views' based on the selection in the navigation tree or is there a way to define your 'views' in separate .xaml files and replace the 'views' dynamically based on the selection in the navigation tree?

Best regards

Bo Lovmand