2010 VS is awsome running ASP.NET & c#.
However, I always have EXACTKY the same problem when looking at new MS technology- all the code / examples/ tutorials I have found don't show how to manage multple 'screens' of info.

Within my default.aspx, on a button click I can go off to a new file (hopefully ASPX), but the file/new options onlt gives me html, not aspx- so i loose the rich functionality on server side, unless I manually handle post backs etc!

So I have set up a central panel, and simply update this on events to form fill (or whatever!)- however, adding or removing elements programatically to the same panel seems nuts- I have effectively lost the use of an IDE and all the good stuff that goes with it.

Anyone got a decent example of how to write a series of server side web pages, rather than how to set the colours in a box, link databases into gridviews- Ie the fundamentals needed rather than fiddling with properties!

Cheers, j.